Club Chat

zkRace Jockey Club has two private chat channels, one on Telegram and the other on Discord. If you currently own an Opie avatar, you can join either chat by connecting your wallet and verifying your Opie ownership. Bots are in place to remove users who sell or transfer their Opies and no longer hold one or more.

The zkRace Jockey Club chat is where you will get access to the latest important news before anyone else, and where you’ll be able to participate in private NFT horse drops and lotteries.


Join the zkRace Discord server and follow the instruction below.

  1. Click on the Welcome category of the Discord Server
  2. Click to view the #join-jockey-club channel, and type !join
  3. The Collab.Land bot will DM you a private message to verify your wallet where your Opie is stored
  4. Ensure that the DM you receive has come from Collab.Land#6372 and that the user shows the “Bot” badge with a tick, indicating that it’s a verified bot
  5. Ensure that your wallet is configured for the Polygon network
  6. Follow the instructions sent by the bot


Click the Telegram link to verify your wallet with the bot, and to be invited into the chat.

  1. Click the Telegram link to enter a chat with the Collab.Land bot
  2. Click the “Start” button to begin the process
  3. Connect your wallet as instructed
  4. Follow the steps provided by the bot and return to the chat to click the “Connect” button

Note: If the connection link is not working for you when accessing via mobile, try copying and pasting the Telegram link into your wallet’s browser and completing the process from within your wallet.