Breeding in the zkRace metaverse is an excellent profit-making activity. Players will be able to breed a new horse from two horses, one male and one female. Breeding is governed by a Genetic Algorithm that generates a new horse by combining the genes/traits of both parent horses, with some randomisation factored in.

The offspring will inherit visual traits from its parents, and hidden traits such as stamina, speed and reaction time will also be inherited with some deviation (provided by Chainlink VRF). These hidden attributes can increase or decrease by up to 5%, so you can breed your best racehorses to create an even faster horse.

After breeding is completed, both horses involved in the breeding will start their breeding cooldown period, which limits when they are able to breed again. The cooldown period is a hidden trait and ranges from 2 weeks to 2 months. Breeding cooldown is also inherited with some randomisation, so your offspring may have a slower or faster breeding cooldown period.

What’s needed

In order to breed, you’ll need two horses, one mare and one stallion. Both horses will need to have a breeding cooldown value of zero. You’ll also need enough $DERC token to cover the breeding fee (currently 50 $DERC) as well as a Love Potion NFT. Liquid Love NFTs are one-use consumables and will be used up during the breeding process.

How to breed

Standard breeding

If you own two horses, a mare and a stallion, you can use the pair to breed together. You’ll need both horses, the 50 $DERC token breeding fee, a Liquid Love NFT all in the same wallet address.

Select the heart icon as shown below and you’ll be prompted to choose a mate. After that, you will have a series of transactions to authorise, one for each horse, one for the Liquid Love NFT and one for the $DERC tokens.

Your horses will disappear from your wallet as they move to the breeding contract address. Your horses should return, along with your new offspring in around 10 minutes. In rare cases where there’s Polygon network disruption, this could take a little longer.

Rental breeding

If you don’t own more than one horse, or don’t have a suitable mate available at the time, you can rent a mate instead. You can also put your horse up for rental for somebody else to breed with. If you rent a horse for breeding, you’ll pay the other player a breeding fee, but retain the offspring, but if you put your horse up for rental, you’ll only receive the breeding fee, and the other player retains the offspring.

Renting out your horse

You can rent out your horse and receive $DERC tokens when somebody chooses to breed with your horse. When you rent out your horse, do you not receive the resulting offspring. The player who pays the breeding fee will retain the offspring.

Click the pair-heart icon as pictured below, and you’ll be prompted to enter the price you wish to charge for other players to breed with this horse. Once you’ve confirmed the transaction, your horse will be able to rent. Whilst your horse is available for rent, it will leave your wallet and reside in the breeding contract address. Your horse will still show in your inventory.

Whilst renting out your horse you will be unable to race it.

Renting another horse

To rent another horse you begin by finding the perfect mate. Head to the NFT Horses section of the zkRace website and you’ll be able to use the horse browser filters to show horses that are available for breeding.

Once you’ve found the perfect mate, click the horse to view its properties. In the top right of the horse’s details page, you’ll see a button that displays the breeding fee as shown below. Click this button to breed with your chosen horse. You’ll need the required amount of $DERC tokens to pay the fee, as well as a Liquid Love NFT in your wallet. Please note that the breeding fee shown during rental includes the 50 $DERC breeding fee, as well as the rental costs which the other horse owner is requesting.

Click the breeding button to start the process. You’ll have a number of transactions to confirm to complete the process. Your horse will leave your wallet and transfer to the breeding contract but will return in around 10 minutes along with your offspring. In rare cases where there’s Polygon network disruption, this could take a little longer.

Video guide