Special editions

zkRace has produced some special edition horses. These horses were minted in very small numbers and are very rare.


To celebrate the zkRace and Binance partnership, 57 ‘Binancians’ were auctioned during the 3rd NFT horse sale.

Binancians are all Gen-0 horses and were minted in all rarity tiers. The exact quantities and details of the sale can be found on the horse sales page.

Binancians can be identified by a Binance logo on their hind leg. Binancians account for 1% of all Gen-0 horses. Thigh mark properties are not inherited by offspring during breeding, so no more ‘Binancians’ will be created.



Crypto.com was one of the first major exchanges to list the $DERC token. As a celebration of that listing, the zkRace team announced that a special Crypto.com horse will be created in limited numbers. Five of these horses were created and given away as part of a Crypto.com trading competition.

Manor House Stables

Michael Owen, best known for his football career playing for various teams including the English national team, has since moved into the world of horse racing. Michael owns Manor House Stables which has produced many champion racehorses. Working as an advisor for zkRace, he has configured 106 limited-edition NFT horses based on real-world racehorses such as Brown Panther, Roman Dragon, Bomber Thorn and many others.

The collection includes 2 Olympians, 15 Demi-gods, 33 Alfas and 56 Beta horses.

Crypto Banter

zkRace produced a one-of-a-kind Olympian horse for Crypto Banter called Front Runner.

BSC News

A one-off special edition horse was also created for a zkRace partnership with BSC News. The community suggested and voted to name this horse Moonshot.